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the ok marketer.

marketing that gives a sh*t.


I’m Liv. The ok marketer. Welcome to my site.

To me, marketing is about people. I guess that’s why we’re here. 

No more BS tag lines, fluffy value propositions, or jargon that really means… nothing.

This is marketing that gives a sh!t. About messaging. About the meaning behind the marketing. About people.

So let’s peel it all back a layer. Let’s look at the people we’re marketing to. And who they are beyond being a prospect or customer.

The blog.

Work with me here

Website refresh

Website copy your customers are excited to read, and competitors are excited to steal inspo from. 


A fresh take on the strategy and execution of your next project. I have ideas – steal them.

Content writing

People-first, SEO-second content writing. Cause Google isn’t the your customer (probably).

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